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    General Role-play Rules


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    General Role-play Rules

    Post by Admin on Sat Jan 30, 2016 5:07 pm

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    Basic Role-Playing Rules

    Most human societies and cultures have rules to ensure a certain level of fairness and safety for their citizens and inhabitants. Rules and systems of implementing rules allow human groups to function despite friction between members.

    1. Be Realistic

    2. In every patrol there's only allowed two priorities within a giving period.

    3.Do not always do car chases and shooting; they dull down the patrol and frustrate officers. We do encourage you to still do chases, just not more than one at a time.

    4. Follow all road laws.(Stopping at red-lights, going the right way down one-way streets, staying in lane, staying roughly within the speed limit, if an officer thinks you are speeding you will be pulled over)

    5. Be creative.

    6. You cannot use any form of rocket-propelled grenade (often abbreviated RPG).

    7. If you want to use a rifle, shotgun, or anything other than a pistol, you have to go to your vehicle and act like you are getting it out. You are not allowed to pull any weapons larger than a pistol out of your "pants".

    8. If using a modified car; bulletproof tires are not permitted.

    9. You cannot steal a police car during a patrol.

    10. Do not always run from the police, let them pull you over and do a routine traffic stop.

    11. Only standard armor is legal; anything above is considered illegal.

    12. No random weapon discharging; police officers will respond if heard.

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